Living on the edge

There has to be a parallel between clinical modelling and this extraordinary footage… 🙂

Any suggestions?

Thanks to @xavierdrake for the inspiration.

6 thoughts on “Living on the edge

  1. Fantastic. It makes it look like modeling is easy. Good motivator for going into an all day meeting on how to do data extracts from multiple EMRs.

    • Thanks guys.
      Maybe the thrill of achieving something that we thought was impossible might be a good analogy. It does take a combination of energy, craziness, passion, and mind-numbing persistence. And always – just the simple possibility of making a difference.

      Definitely not life-threatening, but if we step out into the unknown and aim for disruptive innovation in health IT, there are risks….

  2. My fellow countryman is simply crazy. My stomach revolts when I watch his uphill runs. It is hard to imagine that any other human be able to ever undercut his times.
    It may take passion to pursue health IT innovation against all resistance, but we know enough by now to keep the risk a bit lower, right?

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