#Uncomplexication of Clinical Infostructure

Don’t tie yourself up in knots about the title. There was a story behind it, and it was more interesting than ‘an overview of clinical modelling’. No matter, the content is what matters!

The presentation was delivered today to the Arctic Conference on Dual-Model based Clinical Decision Support & Knowledge Management. The only downside was that the conference was in Tromsø, Norway and I was safely at home in Melbourne.

My task: to present an overview of modelling, current status and lessons learned.

The presentation turned into a bit of a rambling story of my engagement with clinical modelling and experiences with archetypes over the last decade. I was lucky enough to be there at the beginning of the first serious archetype-building activity in the UK in 2007, and to participate in the subsequent evolution of the openEHR modeling community and methodology – now over 1100 people from 80+ countries!. So this presentation is a bit of a ramble down memory lane as well as providing a bit of a summary of how we got here, where we are and what can we see coming?

In particular, I can now safely say that while at times I was ready to jump ship and use the life buoy pictured in the presentation, that is no longer the case.

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